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The Movie – The Stone Merchant – By Renzo Martinelli.

Falling in love always involves the devastating consequences, if behind the ‘love lies the deception in order to exploit a person for a precise objective.

This is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen: flawless in the narrative, in the script, in the simplicity of its beauty as a story to tell.


The Movie – One fine day – By Michael Hoffman.

Falling in love is a complex process because it takes time for its evolution, but it is also easy because you only need a day spent together and mix your daily lives, to light the spark in the heart.

Falling in love is precisely the desire of both to spend time together, naturally.

The Movie – The Next Three Days – By Paul Haggis.

If you love a person deeply understand how to defend it is vital, because you feel you should be protected and sometimes the system you live in puts you to the test, because the system is made up of people, and as such the social system can make mistakes.


The Movie – Super 8 – By J.J. Abrams.

Whenever humanity encounters something new, the first thing you can do is put in jail, use her as a guinea pig, exploit it to the death.

In extreme situations, it creates solidarity among different species in order to exercise the right to freedom: this is a hymn to life.

The Book – Hearts in Atlantis – By Stephen King.

When you become aware of the existence of other worlds that rotate on the pin of the time, they can no longer relate to own world in the same way; it acquires the ability to see and feel the invisible.



The Movie – The Fan – By Tony Scott.

If in life you have no balance between their dreams, the determination to achieve them and the daily life of work, is quite difficult to live peacefully.

What lurks in the minds of fans? What grows in their minds when they worship him as a God a famous person? What happens if they interfere in their lives because they demand the same attention given to the same stars they adore?

The worst nightmare of a star begins: end up in the crosshairs of the fans crazy.


The Movie – Mad City – By Constantin Costa-Gavras.

To remind at companies that lay off only on the basis of the costs inevitably creates havoc in the human mind, with consequences often unpredictable and terrifying.

If there is money for the substantial, often unjustified, salaries of executives, there must be the money even for blue-collar employees.

And this film is an example for those who believe blindly in what is being told on TV: that little box blathering is just a dictatorship for the human mind, far from telling the truth of the stories that exposes.

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