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The Movie – Café Society – By Woody Allen.

I love Woody Allen because his narrative is sublime: I know that if I watch his film, I adore her story.

“For Socrates, a life not analyzed it is not worth to be lived, but a life analyzed is not a bargain.”

Love is not rational, you lose your head, you lose control … and I add: “Fortunately!”


The Movie – G.I. Joe: Retaliation – By Jon M. Chu.

Deception is the best way to start a war.


The Movie – Once upon a Time in America – by Sergio Leone.

A journey through time, which goes through desires, dreams, regrets and harsh realities in which you cannot trust any friend, you cannot trust business partners, you cannot trust who you have always loved and in the end you are alone and suspended in time and in the nostalgia of the memories of a life that did not go exactly as you would have liked.


The Movie – Sex and The City 2 – By Michael Patrick King.

Living doing the work you love: writing, passionate about fashion because the bank account allows it, travel to the most glamorous places in the world, live glamor, live with a man who lives life with you and you do not expect to have children, but how the partner is enough.
Have four glamorous girlfriends, intelligent, beautiful inside and out, sexy and tempting as the Devil, but honest and sincere as blood sisters.
Dine in restaurants when you feel like, go to a movie premiere, live in New York, living in the navel of the world lives.
Life as an artist, really lived life, happy life.


The Movie – Philomena – By Stephen Frears.

This film teaches that the practice of a specific religion is by no means a guarantee of justice, honesty and sincerity.
Follow your heart and be persistent and determined as a journalist, it is the only way to reach the fulfillment of our lives and get what belongs to us by right.

The Movie – Babel – By Alejandro González Iñárritu.

The world is big, but it is delimited in precise boundaries: any actions committed by you has an impact on the life of someone else halfway around the world.

Today in this land you are angels; tomorrow, your work and your kindness, on the other side of the world, can be a bloodbath.


The Movie – Edison – By David J. Burke.

In a world where all people are corrupt, steal and kill for money: who can you trust?
Maybe you can not even trust yourself.


The Movie – Die Xue Shuang Xion – The Killer – By John Woo.

Simply wonderful film.
A lesson in life between the lines: the more you try to achieve your goals for noble ideals and destiny will give you a hard time.

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