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The Movie – Star Trek Beyond – By Justin Lin.

Imagination in the Star Trek storytelling is sublime: science fiction, the Universe discovery, space travel … all this is just … WOW!

I love Star Trek stories.


The Movie – J. Edgar – By Clint Eastwood.

Perseverance in building a working system is admirable; but the tenderness of the love story between two men, hidden from the eyes of the world, sharing a private life as well as that work, is touching.

I find it so sad and unfair that two people who love each other deeply they are forced to hide their feelings, to escape the public morals crucifixion, because the obtuse mentality and hypocrisy of a society built by the false morality.

Everyone has the right to love those who genuinely want and everyone has the right to be himself.


The Movie – The legend of Tarzan – By David Yates.

Instinct is the greatest gift of Heaven: allows you you tune into nature, the world and the Universe itself.


The Movie – A Shock to the System – By Jan Egleson.

If you are evil without fear, you get what you want. This story fascinated me.



The Movie – A mighty heart – By Michael Winterbottom.

Watching this film, I felt a deep sadness for Mariane Pearl: I understand his suffering, when he learned that the man she loved, and who had married had died beheaded.

I tried a blade to the heart at the thought that it could happen the same thing: losing the man to whom you want to stay close for life. I not sopperterei, ever.

I think it’s hard to imagine an intelligent world as long as poverty, misery and despair created by capitalism will continue to create monsters in human beings who slaughter innocents in barbaric manner, without any remorse.

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