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The Movie – Gone Girl – By David Fincher.

Confidence. Arrives in the day when we decide to get married. It will be the right person? What will change in our lives? How much is going to change as we? And our spouse? We know who is really the person with whom we come to the altar? The only thing certain is that evil exists. And often we end up falling in love with the wickedness in the purest and unsuspected, that can exist in the world.



The Movie – Magic in the Moonlight – By Woody Allen.

Reason and Magic.

If little lies make people live better … these lies are not evil?

And love is just a lie or a magic spell liar and scammer, which often deceives our heart?

And yet … is perhaps the lie of love that makes us live better?

We all need magic, love and live better with these two enchanting spells, mysterious and necessary.

Once again, on the big screen, the magic of storytelling, the great magic of Woody Allen.

It’s love for cinema.


The Movie – And So It Goes – By Rob Reiner.

Many men prefer to be cold, detached, cynical.
It ‘easy to be so.

The story of this film teaches that it is difficult to love, because love, emotions, allow people who love us to enter into their lives, makes vulneraibili, because we have to be emotional.

Who has a heart, sooner or later, can not help but to ignore it, even when there is believed safe in the loneliness of old age.

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