I write to tell stories

Merciless and bloody history, a human fury that kills, tears and tears apart.
A descent into the darker human mind.

A good horror starring the devil and his deception.

Telling a story with the camera behind the camera. A particular idea, but I don’t know to what extent it can be a pleasant emotion for those who see the film.

Mediocre script, mediocre special effects, in short… I have certainly seen better films.
This is a somewhat approximate film in all, like many films from the late 90s.

A film about zombies different from the others: compelling story told with refined skill.

When I finished reading this book I asked myself this: as soon as Michelle Hunziker sent the members of a sect to hell that had ruined her family, love life, heart and soul…. it jumped out for Michelle Hunziker the Prince Charming.

A case?

The doubt has arisen that those same people who congratulate those who have the strength to get out of a sect and a condition of psychological slavery, are the same people who years before have thrown that person / victim into the labyrinth of psychological manipulation, separating her from her family, letting her go through financial and emotional hell for the sole purpose of taking her where they wanted or who wanted her for himself and see if she managed to survive the path of the mouse in the labyrinth. One of the many subtle and shameful ways of playing with people’s lives.

I hope to be wrong about my reflection, but the doubt remains.

And I’m afraid that the sentimental relationships and the women desired by important men are manipulated and instrumentalized in order to bend a man’s will by destroying his heart and thus knocking him out.

I read other books on the modus operandi of people affiliated with sects and I realized that out of 10 known people, 8 are (sometimes unconsciously) part of some congregation of sociopaths who have no respect for the feelings and life of others, often characterized by an unashamed greed for money and material goods bordering on madness.

Destroying the life of a family and children by manipulating their parents for the sole purpose of separating them and obtaining a “toy” for the love affairs/friends of the beds or worse still “a trophy to conquer” is a crime against humanity.


To understand the present and the States of today and our civilization, it is necessary to study the institutional reforms of the past.

Brilliant, elegant, very sweet.

A simple story, but told with an elegant, refined and surprising script. A film to see.

A beautiful story of mystery: good scritp and good storytelling rhythm, excellent editing.

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