The more I look at social networks and…



I realize that this world is ill of sick communication.


Do you want to find out the identity of a group of assassins that are playing with people’s lives?


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Wear an object that was the protagonist of one of their murderers, one of their theaters of lies and will down the mask just at man thought more cunning of all.

The Hollywood case: Harvey Weinstein, the power of money.


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Everyone was scandalized because a powerful one of the earth harassed and raped women aspiring to actresses and these actresses for years have remained silent.
I would like to ask a question to the people of this world: do you think that outside the cinema works differently? Do you believe that those who make a career, in any company and in any sector, come to the top and earn enough a much money because it is competent, smart and deserving?
They are two ways to get the best jobs around the world: family descent or sexual compromise, everywhere because those who have the power of money believe they have the same power as God and they mistreat women and men who, cause of theire poverty, to have to survive by any means, forced to go down to disastrous compromises.
They say Hollywood is a sick world; Hollywood is not a only sick world, the whole world is sick because commands one dark God: the money.

The mentality of men has to change, because most people are convinced that women are just whores who are waiting to be fucked.
There is no respect for women: the need to survive in a world where money and men command, and where poverty is a tool to subdue those who are weaker, will continue to create situations like Hollywood producers.

The Movie – Everything, Everything – by Stella Meghie.


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Whoever says he loves us maybe really keep us in prison. The only way to discover the truth is to dare.

Happy birthday L.A.



Technology has to be invented to fight the loneliness and badness of people. The only happy birthday greetings I received today … are those of the sites I have enrolled my cv and the stores I have the collection card points.

Robotic “happy birthday”, the only ones who remembered that I do the years today.

I want to continue writing stories while studying literature at the University of Milan.


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Graduation as a goal, a job to survive (and hope to find it soon!) And writing as a pastime, hoping, over time, to turn it into a job.

Writing stories to excite, because the books give emotions, but above all to get one day to write screenplays for cinema, because telling stories in this way is sublime.