Stressful days.


Doing so much unnecessary stress and makes a person inattentive.

 So you make a stupid mistake and curse yourself.

Then you realize that you have to curse only those who put you under stress.


The site is a scam, because it is not authorized to have the book “Un’altalena blu e rossa” in the window.


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Only Amazon managed the book “Un’altalena blu e rossa”, no other site can have the free download.
Therefore the site is a scam.

I pull out a bottle of red wine and…


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I find myself in my hands at a synthetic stopper that looks like old cork.

Dear old cork, that my grandfather used to bottle wine: I miss you!

Because, without you, the link between the use of natural things, linked to mother earth, disappears.

Progress must not destroy the balance of the environment in which we live.

A fake world, which does not respect nature, is a dark world.

The mysteries of the world.



Whenever the information hidden by a government generates a mystery, the conspiracy theorists place us the presence of aliens as justification.

Dear conspiracy theorists…

Why do you always have to blame the little green men when there is something you do not understand by yourself?