Fortunately, in this modern era, the curriculum is sent via electronic format.


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Because if I had to print a #curriculum for every #job offer I’m applying to, I’d destroyed the Amazon forest for the use of paper by now.

I’m sending away a mountain of curriculum every day, but I #work on the horizon nothing: being #unemployed is unnerving.


There is only one thing I like about social networks: the comedy of the contents, which it can display even when they have been made on the other side of the world.


In modern times people do not talk live, even among neighbors communicates with social networks on the smartphone, rather than open the door and send to hell live.
Yet many times I laugh heartily, when I watch some funny videos or read some really ruthless posts on Twitter, the laughter of which is devastating.

The only thing I like about distance communication with social networks is this: to make people smile on the other side of the world, thet maybe they can not leave the house and go to the everyday world among the people .

For the rest, a face-to-face chat on a sunny day while walking in a park, remains the most intelligent and genuine form of communication that exists: the only true, the only one that reaches the heart, the mind and the soul.

If ever one day I should meet the man of my life, the so-called great love, and have children, I certainly would not want to grow them in Italy.


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I realize that this country has a sterile soul, there is no desire to improve the life of the community, to offer a better future for the new generations; in Italy the most commercial activity remains that of fraud.

I am a real person, not a scammer, I want to earn my living honestly, not robbing.

I want a positive future for myself and for my children, if I ever have one, because it is not at all said that this happens, I do not have the magic sphere for the future and I do not expect anything from life.

And then a couple does not necessarily have to make children of blood; two people in love can adopt children who are orphans, even in this way a beautiful serene family is born, or to be without children, it is a family the same.

If I get up in the morning and the sun’s rays warm my face, the stinging air of winter electrifies me, I am already happy to live, simply.

Living, surviving, making plans: plan A and plan B.


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Plan A: reach the goal of the degree in literature, to become a teacher, even if to store all that information for a 12-credit exam, it puts me in front of my limits, I’m not 20 years old and I realize it, because to memorize and to study is really difficult, but even if I take more time than expected to reach the finish line, I will not give up.

Plan B: writing screenplays, writing novels, writing to tell stories, because I like a lot to make the reader and the viewer dream.

To achieve both A and B plans, the English language must become daily bread like the Italian language, in which they are native speakers.

To complete both A and B plans, Italy will not be the country of my future; it can be seen as an exile or as a new opportunity for professional, spiritual and life growth, but it is obvious that for both plans, moving abroad is implicit, inevitable.

In which countries would I like to live?
So: America, New Zealand and England.
Nature as a companion of daily life would be a gift from heaven; I was born and raised in the countryside and I would like to get back in touch with nature.
Because? Because in the middle of nature I listen to the most beautiful music in the Universe: life that breathes, observes you and protects you.

Today a lady told me: “It was nice to see the movie at the cinema with you sitting next to me, because you can see with a different eye. Thank you.”


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In cinemas in Italy there is still a half-movie break, which on the one hand I hate, on the other hand I use it to analyze the first part of the film.
The lady sitting next to me, had never entered the cinema in the Duomo, in the center of Milan, which was once a theater.
Place that I prefer to the modern multiplexes, because the atmosphere of the old theater is a good company while watching the film.
At break I pointed out to the lady the change of colors of some clothes and objects worn by the protagonist: usually dark green or blue or blue, all cold shades of water, these objects, like the headband, the coat and the shoes, became red after the protagonist started falling in love or she made love with the amphibious creature,
I pointed out how often, in objects and furniture, blue, dark green and blue came into contrast with red, often identified in a single object.
The lady thanked me, she doubts that in the future she will be able to grasp certain details in the future films she will watch, because she claims that to me it is natural, that I have a third eye with which I watch the film in a different way from a spectator .
She encouraged me to write screenplays, how I feel I must do and she told me:
“Do it, because you are brought.”
I will do it.
The film we saw was “The Shape of Water.”


The Movie – The Shape of Water – by Guillermo del Toro.


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A sweet and moving fairy tale, a film that gives deep emotions.
I immediately loved the contrast of colors, the cool shades of water, dark green, blue and blue that are reflected in the colors of the objects, in the small details, in contrast with the red, often represented by a single object.
THE hair band. the main character’s coat and shoes are presented in a different color during the film; the cold shades of the water of these objects, blue, dark green and blue, change radically becoming red when the protagonist begins to fall in love.

Eventually the protagonist loses a shoe in the water, a modern Cinderella and outside the box, like the prince charming, very singular, because it is an amphibious creature.

I fell in love with this movie.

I also noticed that the second “S” in in the writing on the illuminated sign of the cinema, about the film broadcast that week, that is located in the condominium where the protagonist lives, lacks until the end of the film, despite the admonition of the owner of the cinema, who complains about the absence of the second “S”, just in the first minutes of the film, while the operarius attacks the letters of the inscription in the lighted sign.

The story sees two types of characters that are opposed: those who understand, love and protect “the different” and those who detest, despise and want to eliminate “the different”.
Other details: the scars of the film’s protagonist are, in the human world, signs of a limit that she has, because she has no voice and can not speak, because of the cuts made to her by the larynx; in the subaqueous world those scars will become gills that will allow her to breathe underwater, thanks to the magic of transformation of life that her prince amphibian possesses.
This film is poetry of the narration.

Finally: the cat, to whom the prince amphibious blue detaches the head to eat it, is called Pandora… in a sense the amphibious creature has opened the Pandora’s box? 😉

I have not lost objects for years: today I lost the black woolen hat and with the short hair, the cold does not forgive.



I went to the cinema to see a movie and I lost my hat after leaving the movie room. I really lost my mind for the cinema!

Milan suburbs. Life here: living in a condominium anthill is killing my soul.


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Cement, asphalt, pissed people, non-existent work, still concrete and asphalt, smog, traffic that spoils your thoughts.

I want to escape on an island, where the only observing the silent beauty of nature is an act of intelligence and above all an infinite joy of living; where teaching literature is my main job and writing for cinema is the expression of joy for the art of storytelling.

Italy: you are a sad and barren country of the simplicity of life.

Here everyone pursues luxury, life as rich as they can not afford and the illusion that living in this city is synonymous with civilization.

I miss the pristine nature of my childhood life.

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This is me when I try, in vain, to properly use the buttons of a social network.


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​Ambition is magic. 


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The power of the mind makes people stronger, having impossible ambitions leads you to dare, with the aim of conquering what seems unattainable.